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Enter the EnVision® Your Design Contest to Win a $250 Gift Card - Learn More Here!
Enter the EnVision® Your Design Contest to Win a $250 Gift Card - Learn More Here!


When it comes to home decor, color reigns supreme, and
EnVision® Nylon by TDG takes color to new heights. We
specialize in crafting vibrant, complete color palettes for carpets woven from EnVision® Nylon. This is a game-changer for modern consumers who curate their homes one room at a time, seeking that perfect hue to match their vision. Whether it’s a serene, watery blue for the bedroom, a deep, inviting burgundy for the living room, or a fresh, moss green for the dining area, EnVision® Nylon carpets offer an extensive spectrum of unique colors and even the option for custom dyeing to match exact desires. With EnVision® Nylon, the only limit is your imagination!
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EnVision® Nylon by TDG is the cornerstone of the toughest, high-performance carpets on the market today. At the heart of these carpets is NYLON, a fiber designed to withstand the rigors of daily life. What sets it apart is its unique ability to “remember” its original shape, thanks to its high-temperature finishing process. This means that with hot water extraction or steam cleaning, EnVision® Nylon carpets can be rejuvenated and look as good as new for years to come!
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EnVision® Nylon carpets receive a robust stain resistance treatment, expertly applied during the dyeing process, ensuring it lasts the lifetime of the carpet. This means you can count on swift and easy cleanup for everyday spills and even the most stubborn stains. UV sunlight can wreak havoc on home interiors, causing colors to fade. However, carpets made from EnVision® Nylon are fortified with stabilizers that lock in the vibrant hues and ward off fading throughout the carpet’s life.
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